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Understanding your fees

At College Australia, we pride ourselves on offering competitive and affordable course fees, putting education in reach of every student no matter their circumstance. You will find our fees listed on each course page. We want you to make studying with us an easy decision for you. Therefore, we take the time to understand your circumstances and discuss with you all the options available so that you may select the best fee option to suit your needs.

Below is a guide to the fee arrangement offered by College Australia for international students to contribute to their study and qualifications.  Fees are to be paid in a 2-stage process.

Stage 1: Upfront fee

25% of your total course fee is to be paid on acceptance of your Letter of Offer.

Stage 2: Monthly fee

The remaining 75% of your total course fee will be divided by the number of months of the qualification you are undertaking.

NOTE: Your first monthly payment is due on commencement of the course.


Total Course Cost: $11,000

Duration of course: 10 months

Upfront fee: $2,750 (25% of total course cost)
You will be required to pay this amount upfront 

Monthly fee: $825 x 10 months (75% of the total course cost divided by 10 months)

We aim to make fees and funding as transparent as possible. We never want students to be unclear about how affordable studying is, so we made it plain and simple in our Course Pricelist.

How to pay your fees

Fees can be paid using a credit or debit card.  You can choose to pay over the phone by calling 07 3255 0506, or you can click on the link on your invoice and pay online.


Overdue fees

Fees that are not made by the due date will result in students being charged a late payment fee of $25 per week. Continuing not to pay your fees could result in the cancellation of your course, and you may be reported to the Department of Human Affairs. 


Accessing your tax invoices 

Tax invoices will be provided with your Letter of Offer.  Please get in touch with Student Services if you require a copy of your Tax Invoice at any time. 


International Refund Policy 

Please click here to find out further information.

Do you still have burning questions about your fee and funding options?


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