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We provide a range of leading-edge qualifications relevant to the real world, easily accessible and create pathways to successful job outcomes. Wherever your career aspirations lead you, you will graduate with a nationally recognised qualification to get you there.

Our qualifications range from entry-level Certificate II to management level Graduate Diplomas in the fields of:

Our business and management qualifications are designed for real-world application with contemporary business theory and practical workplace functionality, ensuring our graduates are better placed to meet the needs of their organisations, teams and themselves. 

Make a real difference in the lives of those in need with a qualification that ignites your passion for helping others. You’ll learn key strategies and best-practice standards, so you’re perfectly positioned to use your new skills and knowledge in real-life situations within a home, community, or health care environment. 

Support your wanderlust as you build your career in an industry with diverse employment opportunities. You’ll learn skills and develop knowledge to set you up for career success in a fast-paced and exciting industry that has the potential to create high job satisfaction. 

Created to support your career success in one of Australia’s largest industries, our retail qualifications will help you develop and fine-tune your customer service and sales skills so you can create a pathway to work in various retail settings. 

Each of our qualifications represents a stepping-stone into a career or university pathway by boosting skills and knowledge to forge career success ultimately.

Qualification levels and how they can support your career goals:

Why study a National Recognised qualification?

We have Certificates II through to Graduate Diploma to ensure national recognition and consistency around Australia of what defines each qualification.

There are many factors to consider when you choose which qualification you want to complete – the main one being whether it will let you embark on a career you want to work in. You also need to consider your current skills and experience and your career trajectory. Many industries require a Certificate III as the entry-level, while experienced managers and practitioners want to hone their skills to be the best in their leadership responsibilities.

Certificate II

Certificate II courses prepare students for entry-level positions or apprenticeships in a variety of industries. As well as providing basic knowledge, a Certificate II demonstrates to a potential employer that you’re actively interested in their industry

Certificate III

Certificate III courses help you develop skills, theoretical knowledge and problem-solving abilities. This level of qualification is ideal for those wanting to gain a trade, change careers or move out of entry-level roles

Certificate IV

Certificate IV courses are designed for supervisory and management positions; Certificate IV courses typically interest those who want to advance their careers in the industry they already work in or further develop skills and knowledge acquired through previous study.


Diploma courses develop broad and in-depth skills in professional, technical or creative fields. Skills taught include planning, development and management.

Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma courses focus on your practical and technical expertise allowing you to develop specialist skills and knowledge.

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma courses are designed for people with professional knowledge and skills in their chosen industry and want to further develop their skills in judgment, adaptability and responsibility as a practitioner or learner.

Why study a Dual Qualification?

Dual qualifications can provide an opportunity for students to broaden their network and opportunities.

Combining professional units with areas of specialisation can help establish the student as an expert in a niche, open new opportunities or just give that professional edge. Pursuing two qualifications simultaneously can reduce the overall course fees and reduce the time taken compared to completing two qualifications at a different time.

Dual qualifications allow credit transfers of units where two programs overlap with electives and the same core units.

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