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3 Promising Retail Careers (and what to study to get there)

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Contrary to popular belief working in retail is not all about sales. Retail is a massive industry in which the roles are diverse and may include logistics, administration and marketing. As Australia’s second-largest industry with over 1.2 million people employed, a career in retail may look very different depending on who you talk to. Ultimately, they strive to create a buying experience and meet consumer demand. The roles are plentiful along the Retail Supply Chain from Manufacturers to Wholesaler to Retailer to consumers. Why not get amongst the opportunities and create a career pathway in Retail! 

Here are 3 promising retail careers to sink your teeth into in 2022: 

1. Retail Manager

If leading and driving a team to achieve company goals sounds challenging and exciting, a career in retail management may be for you! Retail, store and department managers all have this in common. They plan and implement customer engagement strategies to drive sales and meet customer needs. They are responsible for the day to day running of a retail store/environment, recruiting, training and managing a team to increase sales and create positive customer service experiences. They lead their team to success by analysing and adapting operational strategies. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it! 

Average Weekly pay: $1440

Key Skills and Duties:

  • Recruit and lead a customer-centric team within a retail environment 
  • Manage store financials, including labour costs and stock levels, and review and report on budgets vs sales revenue 
  • Create and implement customer engagement strategies 
  • Promotion and advertising of goods and services 

Job Roles:

  • Store Manager 
  • Department Manager 
  • Warehouse Manager 
  • Customer Service Manager 
  • General Manager 

Education Pathway: 

2. Sales Assistant

Just because your Being a sales assistant can be a rewarding career. Happy workers in these roles thrive on creating a high-level customer experience from the moment the customer walks through the door, identifying needs and providing advice on a product or service to meet those needs. Ask any successful business, and they will tell you that their success is based on their customer service strategies. Never underestimate the power of referred business and positive reviews! On the flip side, a bad customer experience may bring a business to its knees undoing all the work a company has done to position itself in its field. 

Many retail and sales assistants have the freedom to work part-time, providing them with the opportunity for work/life balance, including study or caring responsibilities.  

Average Weekly pay: $961

Key Skills and Duties: 

  • Build customer relationships and loyalty 
  • Organise and maintain the retail environment 
  • Receipt and processing of customer payments 
  • Visual merchandising 
  • Maintain stock levels and replenish when required 

Job Roles: 

  • Fast Food Sales Assistant 
  • Hardware Sales Assistant 
  • Fashion Sales Assistant 
  • Cosmetic Sales Assistant 

Education Pathway: 

3. Cashier

Embark on a fulfilling career as a Cashier providing customers with seamless cash transactions within a retail-based establishment. Your opportunities are plenty, working in organisations such as supermarkets, hardware stores, restaurants and banks. You will have the opportunity to provide a positive customer experience and show off your complaint handling skills. Cashiers are a pivotal part of a business with the trusted responsibility of cash handling. 

Average Weekly pay: $900 

Key Skills and Duties: 

  • Receipt and processing of customer payments 
  • Operation of point-of-sale system 
  • Providing quality customer service 
  • Handling customer complaints 

Job Roles: 

  • Bank Cashier 
  • Hardware store Cashier 
  • Restaurant Cashier 
  • Supermarket Cashier 

Education Pathway: 

These are just 3 of the many opportunities for a career in Retail. A retail career is an excellent foundation for creating a successful career. The skills and experience you learn on the job will add value to your career and help you make a fulfilling work life. 

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